Lowery Sewing Center is a family run, family owned business that was started in the late 1940's by Arthur Lowery in his garage working on sewing machines. In the 1950's he started selling sewing machines as well as repairing them and added fabric to the inventory. In the early 1960's the business was sold to Arthur's son Harold and vacuum cleaners were also included in the sales.

A fire destroyed the business in the late 1960's but Harold moved to a new location and rebuilt the business. In the mid 1970's Harold retired and sold the business to Dean Harman, his son-in-law. The business expanded as times changed and more products were brought to market.

Dean retired in 2002 and sold the business to his son Britt Harman, the fourth generation of family ownership. Today the business is owned by Britt's brother Adam and continues that great tradition.